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Dungeon Runners RPG

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Total Downloads: 8,919
Updated: Dec 7, 2013
Created: Oct 13, 2012

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Skill Selection (remade) release 274.90 KB Dec 7, 2013 - 1,194 download Dungeon Runners RPG Skill Selection (remade) releaseDownload
Potion System 1 release 420.79 KB Aug 10, 2013 - 5,160 download Dungeon Runners RPG Potion System 1 releaseDownload
Potion System 2 release 419.75 KB Aug 10, 2013 - 245 download Dungeon Runners RPG Potion System 2 releaseDownload
Inventory release 379.49 KB May 25, 2013 - 566 download Dungeon Runners RPG Inventory releaseDownload
Item Vendor release 461.62 KB May 25, 2013 - 208 download Dungeon Runners RPG Item Vendor releaseDownload
Hero Shop, as I call it release 493.43 KB May 25, 2013 - 205 download Dungeon Runners RPG Hero Shop, as I call it releaseDownload
Hero Selection 2 release 300.93 KB May 25, 2013 - 198 download Dungeon Runners RPG Hero Selection 2 releaseDownload
Hero Selection release 343.89 KB May 25, 2013 - 193 download Dungeon Runners RPG Hero Selection releaseDownload
Dungeon Runners RPG 1.3 release 366.24 KB May 12, 2013 - 950 download Dungeon Runners RPG Dungeon Runners RPG 1.3 releaseDownload



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Dungeon Runners RPG

In this RPG players do not run around doing quests, finding chickens, killing a wolf, ect. This RPG is based strictly on running dungeons. Teamwork being the most important aspect; the game can be played solo also. Read on for some good information.

The Story

You awaken in a strange cave with no memory of who you are or where you came from. The few people who are here are a little loopy and don't tell you much. In this cave, there are shadows making shapes on the… err… wrong cave. In this cave are ghastly figures; asking for your help with something. They don't specifically seem to interact with you though.

Seriously, the Story

You run through dungeons which represent a part in the life of the ghastly figure who sends you on the quest. The story lines are intertwined to tell a story of outbreak,invasion, civil war, teamwork, survival and betrayal. Keep in mind, that that player has no faction in this game; so you may end up on opposite sides of the same fight. The story line is not forced at all. Unless you read all of the flavor text and do the missions in order (not required) you wont pick up on the story line. which is fine by me.

Starting a New Game:

Players are able to pick from 1 of 8 hero classes (so far) and may then pick from 3 skills for each of 4 skill slots, to customize their hero. This allows for each class to have 240 possible builds. Realistically, this will be closer to 5 "Optimized builds" per class, and 20 or so "good" builds per class. More details below. There are 5 save slots for each player to save their hero. This may be limiting, but… well… you can delete your least favorite!

Dungeon Points:

This is a currency obtained by players, for playing the game, more or less. Monster kills give points, boss kills give a lot. Completing entire dungeons also gives a large boost to points awarded. Points will scale with "hero level" compared to the instance level; so a level 10 player trying to roll around with some level 50 players, will not be power leveled so easily. Dungeon points are used to purchase hero levels, skill points, stat points, and all varieties of items. Dungeon points can be transferred between a players characters for a percentage fee.

Dungeon Tokens:

Another currency, more for modifying the game than your hero; though you can also mod your hero with them. ultimately they will be used for hero respecs; single-game use buffs, custom skins ect, and other interesting things of the sorts. These may not be transferred between heroes.


I had 8 heroes planned for the alpha release, but will only be making 4 for now. Each hero can select an offensive skill, defensive skill, miscellaneous skill, ultimate skill, and passive class skill. there are 3 skills from each category, for each hero. Skills level to 30 and can be leveled up every other hero level, ultimate skills to 10 and can be leveled up every 6 levels, and passives are a single point skill that dramatically change your hero; they create the caste for that hero. Heroes only level to 60 (So far). Players can purchase additional skill points to fill in the missing skills, if they choose. Stats can increases damage, spell damage, attack speed, life+regen, energy+regen, and armor. All heroes also have a small energy shield which is armorless. Players can purchase items which improve their energy shield if they chose; though no stats can enhance it, the buffs granted by items are quite strong. Honestly, not the most unique stats; but a large enough variety.

Quest of the Day/Daily Events:

There will always be a quest of the day, which increases bonuses from a specific dungeon. It changes out every X amount of time. There is a chance you may not finish a dungeon in time to complete the bonus; or that the bonus may change right before you complete a dungeon. There will also be random world events that will make your life more difficult, or offer great reward…. or minor reward. Or may just make some things sparkle. Who knows? not me, because this is low on my to-do list; but still pre-beta planned.

Party Mechanics:

A death is never a good thing in an partied dungeon, especially since you are sent back to town, to think about what you did wrong. Thankfully, parties are set when an dungeon is started, and anyone in your party can summon you back into the dungeon; or you can run back. While in the dungeon, you can port yourself back to sanctum, to spend acquired dungeon points. Dungeon point rewards are based on the difficulty of the dungeon. The dungeon difficulty is based on the number of players attempting the dungeon, and by a difficulty scale, the party leader is allowed to set; which ranges from 10% to 500% increased difficulty. Not only does the difficulty scale increase the stats of monsters encountered; but the number, and strength of their abilities. Running the easiest dungeon with max players on max difficulty, will make it much more difficult, and rewarding, than the most difficult dungeon, solo, with a 0% modifier. Dungeon points are handed out equally to the team; last hitting will get you no where; you do however need to be close enough to the action to get your share of the goods. The penalty for death is simply that you do not gain dungeon points while you are dead. you will still be able to gamble for items.

The Arena:

In the arena players can fight to the death, solo, in teams, or in uneven teams. Players wager dungeon points against their opponent. A player may wager up to 10% of their total points on a match; and both players must wager the same amount. A player cannot gain more than 20% of their max dungeon points from a single other player though. This is to prevent a high level player from boosting a low level player without taking too large of a hit in their own points pool. In the situation of a 1v2, points wagered are combined from both teams, then divided among the winners. If a single player were to kill 2 others, he could obtain a max of 40% of his total dungeon points. There may also be an option to face bosses in the arena; which will have lower reward compared to their difficulty; and may only be faced a certain number of times per game.

Purchasable Things:

When you start the game, the first NPC you should encounter is an NPC who will offer to transmute your dungeon points into various things. He can give you experience, to level your hero, stat points, to increases the stats of a hero, and gold, to purchase equipment with. When a player gains a level, they are given a skill point, and some stats. This is the only way to increase the max level of your abilities, making it an expensive choice. When buying stat points, which are also rather expensive, you are allowed to invest the points into whichever categories you chose. Items can only be gambled for, and found. Items cannot be sold or traded between accounts. You can trade items between your own characters though.

* Update Potions and Junk * The potion system, which is similar to the item system, has been added and is working properly. You can find any of 3 base potions, which can spawn an additional mod; or 2 additional mods on rare potions. Rare potions are the top tier of potions. You may only carry 2 potions; you cannot hold them in your inventory. When you find a new potion, you are given a screen to compare it to your current potions, and then replace a potion with the new found one. Potions have a cooldown, and a limited cast quantity per instance. When you reset your active instance, you are repleneshed all potion charges.

* Update Items and Junk * Items can roll in 1 of 6 qualities which represents a 20% difference in mod strength per quality point; 1 of 4 rarities; which range from 3-6 item mods, respectively; decreasing by 25% for each additional mod rolled. 6 mod items have a unique mod which is not reduced. There are a total of 15 or so mods that can be rolled for each mod slot.

Item Bidding

It is gonna be a love/hate relationship here. All item drops may be bid on by players no more or less than 10 levels from the level of the item that drops. You cannot see what bids have been placed by other players. Highest bidder wins. there is also a time limit on the bids; and a choice not to bid. Take that information as you will.

Items may also be purchased from a vendor, however you can only purchase them at the lowest rarity; you can purchase them at any rank (up to the equiv of hero level 90) and select the item type and main 2 mod types; for additional costs. There is also a slim chance that the item will be rolled at a higher rarity; and the quality roll is 2-5 rather than 1-6. You have an equal chance of each rarity value. (EX: vendor roll of 5 is 25%; while item drop is 12.5%)


While the dungeon content is under wraps (Because I havent started them yet); the theme will be the same. Difficulty is not going to be based simply on numbers. There will be a good deal of both hard and soft counters. A broad party should be able to handle any situation with a little planning. Unique boss fights, mob encounters, and "ohh shit" moments are the firm basis for progression in this game. The more you fight a boss, the more you learn about that boss; and the easier they are to overcome in the future. It may be a while before I reach the level of entertainment I am looking for with boss fights.


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