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Emperor’s Flight

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Updated: Jun 21, 2010
Created: Jun 21, 2010

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Ok guys, here is a remake of Emperor's flight, the mission in BW where that lousy slike Duran shows his true (well, half true. Dugalle and Stukov could never have fathomed the shocking secret in Dark Origin!) colors. The Xel'Naga warp gate is a protoss warpt gate blown up to four times the usual size. I've based this remake off of the Emerald Dream map. Kudos to irninja for making it; great waterfalls! The biggest change made to it is the entire center of the map is gone, replaced by a flat plain where the warp gate stands. As in the original, the warp gate is surrounded by a crap-ton of Zerg and Protoss duking it out. It's fun to watch, but better to get going. You start with most of your needed buldings, except for an engeneering bay, armory, fusion core, and no starports either. You have to build those yourself BUT!!!!!! unlike in the original, you start with these buildings already in place, not flying. You also start with six SCVs and a few siege tanks. Destroy the command center to win. Enjoy!


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