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Freeze Tag

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Updated: Jul 9, 2010
Created: Jul 9, 2010

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A basic game that was recreated from Warcraft 3. Two teams, Protoss and Zerg, attempt to play a game of Freeze Tag. The first team to the selected amount of points wins the game. Your team will gain a point by freezing the entire other team. To freeze an opponent simply right click him, and to thaw an ally easily right click him as well. The game requires team work and strategy to win the game, otherwise you will be picked off one by one.

Change Log:

Freeze Tag has been updated for the recent patch for Starcraft 2. Players were upset and thought the game was unbalanced, so I thoroughly looked through all the data files. Everything was exactly the same for Zerglings and Zealots. However, Blizzard's hard coded attacking system made the player with the higher player number attack first. An example would be Player 2 (Blue) could beat Player 1 (Red), but not vice versa. This is why Zerglings would always win. This has been fixed with triggered attacking, and is now determined by at what distance you attack from. Not by who attacks first or who attacks last, but at what distance.

Reason behind Distance Attacking:

  • It is based on the original Freeze Tag Algorithm, so old players will love to play again.
  • It gives new players a little bit of a learning curve, so they can't come into the game freezing pros automatically.
  • It creates for a fun tactic, that allows mind games of moving back and forth. Setting your opponent up for when your at that certain distance, or possibly multiple people.


  • Made terrain exact copy of original
  • Unit selection for each team, 8 units to choose from.
  • Updated combat system, fixed some bugs.


  • I'm sure there are some, so please keep me updated :).

Future Updates:

  • Improvements to combat system
  • Achievements
  • In Game Ladder System
  • ALOT more to come


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