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Capture the Star

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Updated: Apr 1, 2011
Created: Feb 3, 2011

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Capture the Ftar beta 223.49 KB Apr 1, 2011 - 383 download Capture the Star Capture the Ftar betaDownload


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So this is my first serious map, I've dabbled in the arts here and there, reason is mainly I am afraid of the data editor, however I'm pretty comfortable with the trigger.

Tag based capture the flag. There's a jail system/voting system (for number of rounds, map, and individual runner choices)/round system. Supports up to 7v7. Has a fully working dialog scoreboard.

Alpha bot stuff going on, haven't published it yet, I will when I get it more flushed out.

Plans for future :

  • Some attributes for runners (movement speed/energy/energy regen related : not fully decided here if i really wanna state out attributes, would only be for items that would give bonuses)
  • More items (ankh of reincarnation/tomes of exp and attributes)
  • A third map that has lava, when you touch the lava you are vulnerable no matter what. (few raised safe areas for flags and etc)
  • Finish up making skills (would love help however I think I'm approaching a satisfactory number 😀 )
  • Better bot AI
  • Maybe a new game mode (really up in the air here)

Looking for someone that might want to help with artwork/video. Mainly stuff to make the game look nicer at first glance. My laptop sucks and cant run fraps+SC2 at nice graphics.


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