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Golem Wars Classic

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Updated: Aug 15, 2010
Created: Jul 20, 2010

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Golem Wars Classic is a port of Golem Madness Mass Attack from the original Starcraft. Much of the classic gameplay is preserved and updated to work with Starcraft II, with a few new additions and mechanics changes to this beloved favorite.

Players choose from three types of Basic Golems, which are spawned periodically at their Golem Factory. Using these, they wage war against their opponents, attempting to destroy their opponent's factory. As they rack up more and more kills, their basic golems will improve and players will be rewarded with more Golemsmiths to craft Combo Golems with. Using these special golems strategically will give a player the edge they need to turn the tide of battle. On occasion, a player will be rewarded with a Golem Package, which will give them a temporary boost with which to make a strong push against an opponent, rack up a lot of kills in a short amount of time, or help repel an attack on their own Factory.

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