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starcraft 2 mod Hero Wars 2v2

Hero Wars 2v2

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Updated: Feb 21, 2011
Created: Dec 11, 2010

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Goal of this map is to crush your enemy without dying. There is a Hero unit in the game that represents the player himself.

A mighty Protoss Executor, able to cast powerfull psionic spells opon his enemies for the Protoss
A swift, quick Terran Commando Ghost, able to snipe off foes from range and calling down the mighty fusion bomb!
And last but not least the zerg Predator using brute force to acomplish its goals. It can morph into a luker as well, able to strike from the dark, hidden for everybody else.

Use the reseach Plattform provided for the race to upgrade yourself, make yourself more powerfull to avoid death. Also the research Plattforms have special abilities that make it worth the expanse:

The Protoss Research Ship has a very powerful shield that absorbes most of the damage dealt to it. It can on the other hand use this energy to create a powerfield below it, however leaving it volurable to the enemy

The Terran Research Vessel has an Anti Air missle battery that can fire every 60 seconds to knock out enemy interceptors. It can create a force field that protects all units arround it as well, however damaging the ship

The zerg Lurker Den is a hug and massive structure that can not move. For that it has 22 armor points and 2000 health making it a tough oponent when placed in an entrance to block off attacks.

Use strategie to outnumber and outrun your enemy. Play in teams to protect each other. Do no endanger yourself if not needed, it might be your death. Good luck and may you lead your troops to victory!

Alpha testing starting in 1-2 weeks! … probably xD


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