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HGMA 2.0

Game Version: -
Total Downloads: 795
Updated: Nov 18, 2010
Created: Apr 23, 2010

Earlier Versions

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Latest Release Notes beta 306 Bytes Nov 18, 2010 - 795 download HGMA 2.0 Latest Release Notes betaDownload



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HGMA Defense 2

RECENT UPDATE: BETA has been released!

Popular in Broodwar, HGMA Defense lives again in StarCraft II.

Release Info

Latest Version: 0.13.32
Release State: BETA (public)

Beta has just started! Search for HGMA Defense 2 on European! We finished implementing all main features and balanced the first 25 levels (available in this beta release).

Help us improving the map by testing and reporting comments/suggestions/bugs to:
patchone1337 [ at ] googlemail [dot] com

Main Objective

Defend the map by preventing any enemy pass the last defender line.


HGMA (Hydra Ghost Marine Archon) Defense is a cooperative unit/hero defense map. The map can be played with 2 – 7 players, defending the base by not letting the Saboteur enemies pass the last defender line.

Each player starts at his own start location (choosable) and is responsible for defending one or more spawning points with his own units. Standard units are Hydralisks (high damage), Ghosts (long range), Archons (spash damange), and Marines (extremly fast). Standards units can be exchanged to super units while super units can be exchanged to hero units in later game.

Each 25 kills you get a civ. Use your civs to buy additional standard units, upgrades or some of the special purpose units.

Whatever your strategy will be – only good teamplay and managed tactics will allow you to win this game!


Available Features

  • 2 to 7 Players
  • 300 Upgrade Levels
  • 25 Waves
  • Super Units

Planned Features for 1.0 Release

  • 2 to 7 Players
  • 300 Upgrade Levels
  • 50 Waves
  • Super Units
  • Hero Units
  • Special Units
  • Boss Levels

In-Game Balancing Engine

HGMA 2 comes with a very powerful in-game balancing engine during its beta stage. Fell free to use it to help us improving the map as fast as possible.

Check out its amazing feature set: HGMA 2 in-game balancing system documentation


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