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Updated: Aug 1, 2010
Created: Jul 7, 2010

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This is the remake of a very populer map from SC:BW for SC2:

The main principle:

  • The map is devided into 21 Zones which player can capture with Spinecrawlers
  • Destroy all Spinecrawler of your opponents to win
  • Each players starts with 1 Spinecrawler
  • Hydralisks spawn every 4s at each Spinecrawler
  • You gain 5 minerals for each kill
  • You can upgrade your Hydralisks in your buildings and with chat-commands
  • If you collect 250 minerals an Overlord will spawn at your Hive. Move it into an empty Zone to capture it.

Use chat-commands to upgrade your units and give them orders:

  • "-up we":
    Upgrades your weapons by 1. The upgrade costs are shown by the HP of your Marine. Upgradelimit is 99.
  • "-up ar":
    Upgrades your armour by 1. The upgrade costs are shown by the HP of your Marauder. Upgradelimit is 99.
  • "-mass":
    Orders all your units to "attack-move" to the center of you current screen.

You can download the first version of HydraZone now!


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