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Updated: Apr 15, 2016
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Flexible page creating system so all you have to do as add a line to a trigger and you'll have additional pages. Capable, currently, of handling 20 pages but I do not recommend going over 8 or 9 at most. In game directions should be simple and to the point. The limit of 20 pages can be changed easily; just look for:
"Instruction Dialog – Maximum Count of Pages = 20 <Integer (Constant)>"
The pages are counted though triggers and require no additional effort (see pictures). Upon closing and opening the Manual, you will be on the same page you closed on so readers do not lose their place.
This also supports up to 15 players.
This File contains my current setup for a game that I am making, so you have an example of how I used it, including contact information on the last page.

PLACEMENT: Open This in the editor. Highlight/click on the "InstructionUI" folder. Then ctrl+c or right click on the folder>Copy. Open your map and put the folder(and its contents) anywhere. Select location for this folder to go, ctrl+v or Right click>Paste. Any Questions or bugs Please let me know in a PM. Mentioning it here is okay but I will not receive an alert.


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