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starcraft 2 mod Micro Tournament REVAMPED

Micro Tournament REVAMPED

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Total Downloads: 755
Updated: Jan 22, 2011
Created: Jan 22, 2011

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Micro Tournament REVAMPED beta 1.94 MB Jan 22, 2011 - 755 download Micro Tournament REVAMPED Micro Tournament REVAMPED betaDownload


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– Protoss weren't spawning sentries when they were suppose to. So if you have been playing this map before, and you were spawned as protoss, chances are it was imbalanced.


– Terrain is now jungle


– I am going to do some extensive testing on various unit compositions to figure out which ones are the most entertaining and fair.
– I wil be experimenting with the units starting with upgrades (concussive shells, neural parasite, etc.). I will try to use the upgrades to suit the unit compistion it is a part of, and what it is facing.
– A new splash screen, this one is awful, I know.

Micro Tournament REVAMPED V 0.90


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