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Updated: Aug 15, 2010
Created: Aug 10, 2010

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Remove the Spaces, copy,and (-); it wouldn't let me upload this otherwise.

To play set the mode to Melee/FFA. The player in the 11 slot will be the beast.

My map is a map/game-type designed from Island Defense from WC3. It involves a 1vs10 scenario.
The two teams are the Builders/Supporters and the Beast. The "Beasts" objective is to kill the builders in any fashion he can do so; likewise the builder/supporter's job is to kill the Beast. The beast is very powerful and is too much of a threat for the builders/Supporters to face early-game.
The main objective of the builders and supporters are to build a Defensive base with turrets and barriers; then as the game goes on transfer workers to assault units.

General game-play rules via triggers
-Builder dies, Builder player loses
-Players can only have 1 builder or initial Beast
-If Beast Dies, Builders win

The game transfers into 3 main parts

-=Early Game=-
Getting enough minerals to start building a base (Walling off the low-ground and ramp with barriers/supply depots, then to start putting Turrets in on high-ground)

-=Mid Game=-
Start fortifying the base with more towers and walls to hold vs an attack.
Start to transition from workers to offensive units.(kill your workers overtime)
Or save up for the Survival Gas timer award, then build stronger offensive units immediately when timer hits.

-=Late Game=-
After the Survival Gas timer, you may have the Beast at the disadvantage and may be able to kill him with the help of allies with combined unit forces.
You may also use your forces to ambush him while he is attacking a base. (specters are the master ambushers)
If the beast has become too strong and you are almost out of allies (or are), you may be trapped in your base and may need to revert back to workers to
maintain enough minerals to rebuild after his attacks.

The Beast is a hero unit that levels over time and gains power. be aware that each level he gains, gives him a larger advantage. The only things he can level from are actual units however (not structures); so it is important not to let him kill your workers or armies. The beast has 6 Lvls he can achieve, the first 5 are standard; but when he hits lvl 6, his health armor bonus multiplies by 20 making him nearly indestructible. This beta version only includes 1 Beast the player can choose (Centicus), in later versions more will be added; as well as the ability to gain minions.


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