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Updated: Aug 14, 2010
Created: Aug 14, 2010

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wOlfLinG's Scoreboard library.

Ok, so this is my Scoreboard library. I decided to make a library of my scoreboard system that i usually create from scratch each time i make a map. It got boring and repetitive, so i made a library of it :D. With a lot of customisability of course.

Ok, so this library, as of version 0.1 supports up to 15 players. Player 0 DOES NOT work. I may add support for him later.
The available score columns are: Name, Kills, Hero kills, Minerals, Vespene and Custom. I am busy adding a 'Stopwatch' and 'Timer' types. Kills, hero kills, vespene and minerals update automatically. Kills updates whenever a unit dies, hero kills updates whenever a unit with the 'heroic' attribute dies. Minerals and vespene updates whenever a players minerals or vespene gets changed. The 'Name' column and 'Custom' column doesn't update because a players name doesn't usually change, and custom is for the mapmaker to create a trigger to update.

You can only have 1 of each column, with the exception being Custom and Name. Another limit is 10 columns. I don't think you would want to create more than 10 columns, but to increase this limit, just change the 'Column Value' array to a larger array amount (change the 9, not the 15).

Use the 'Create Scoreboard' action to create the scoreboard, and then the 'Add column' action to create each column. To move it, use the 'Move dialog' action. The dialogs names are: 'Scoreboard' (for the scoreboard) and 'Open/ Close' (for the open/ close button). Don't resize it.

Creating a Custom update trigger:
Just have a look at the update triggers and make your own. I won't post the exact way to do it, because it should change when you want it to.

Localization note: May or may not be properly localised. Should be, but not done a library before :/.

I think that's all. Remember to post any feedback, and don't forget to give credit if you use this in a map 🙂


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