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starcraft 2 mod SinglePlayer Practice

SinglePlayer Practice

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Updated: Jun 19, 2010
Created: Jun 18, 2010

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My first made custom map.I made it for testing units and spells.Good for everyone that wants to practice cuz waves are unlimited.Also waves are random and numbers are larger as wave increases.There is lots of custom script in it.Hope you like it.

Map description:

  • -Choose race and difficulty
    -Each wave is random race
    -Number increases every wave
    -5 spawn points are random chosen so dont focus defense on one side
    -Some balance changes
    -Some custom AI added( opponent Stalkers/Marauders will kite your Roaches/Zealots)
    -You will be defeated if your main Nexus/Hive/Command Center is destroyed

Work to be done:

  • -Add some custom script AI
    -Random siege drops
    -Some environment scripts


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