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starcraft 2 mod Starforge: blood sport

Starforge: blood sport

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Updated: Sep 12, 2010
Created: Sep 10, 2010

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Cast units, structure, spell and upgrade with the help of a Caster to fight your way trough the map

version beta 1.0

How to Play:

  • – Build 5 Gatherer from your Orb.
  • – Chose a Caster from your Orb.
  • – Your Caster is a Power Source.(like a moving pylon)
  • – Cast units, structure, spell and upgrade to fight your way trough the map.
  • – You have 2 minutes before the Zerg attack.
  • – You have 45 minutes to completely clean the Zerg from the map.


  • – Try to keep your units in one group.
  • – Your units can fire on the move.
  • – To power up structure like turret your caster must stand still.
  • – Its always good to defend your orb with turret.
  • – Spawning pool are your worst enemy. be careful at when you kill them.
  • – Cooperation is key (Microphone is very useful)


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