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Updated: Jul 6, 2012
Created: Jul 5, 2012

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StarJelly beta 478.00 KB Jul 6, 2012 - 459 download StarJelly StarJelly betaDownload
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StarJelly is a program written in C# using Microsoft .NET version 4.
This program simplifies SC2 dialog development by providing users with a .NET-like interface, allowing programmers to create SC2 dialogs in real time. Users may then export the dialog to Galaxy code for use within the editor.

Adding Code To My Project

When you've finished your dialog, go to "File > Compile > To Clipboard"
The dialog will then be processed into Galaxy code and moved to your clipboard.
To use it, simply go to the trigger editor, add a new Custom Script object, and paste.
Then call the function at any time. Default function is "gf_ShowJellyDialog();"

Version Information

We're currently on version 1.1.0.x BETA, so many of the controls and functions have yet to be implemented.
StarJelly is still very active and in constant development. So please sit tight as I release better versions to make this the best program it can be.

Current Version

  • Dialog Editor
  • Terran/Protoss/Zerg Skins
  • Label Control

Next Version

  • Button Control
  • CheckBox Control


  • Multiple Dialog Development


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