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starcraft 2 mod Stav’s Unit Addition mod

Stav’s Unit Addition mod

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Total Downloads: 1,103
Updated: Sep 2, 2010
Created: Aug 20, 2010

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This is an open library project, aims for creating a basic map, completly editable (no triggers) that incorporate most of the unused campaign units and models unto the main game.


Units and Buildings:


  • Perdition Turret:Anti ground missile, build from SCV, req: engeneering bay.
  • Predator: train in factory, req: Tech lab.
  • Vulture: train in factory.
  • Medic: Train in barracks, req: Tech Lab
  • Wraith: Train at the Starport


  • Dark Archon: Merge from 2 Dark Templars (they can no longer be used for Archon)
  • Scout: Build in Stargate.
  • Tempest: morph from Carrier. using permanently cloaked Shurikens. req: Dark Shrine.
  • Preserver: will be somewhat combination of zealot and dark templar. req: Twilight Council
  • Reaver (thanks to C.D.U's models and textures!): build at Robotics Facility. req: Robotics Bay.
  • Corsair: (Thanks to C.D.U.'s models and textures!): Build at the Stargate.


  • Scourge: Morph from Larva. (2 at a time). req: Spire.
  • Lurker Den: morph from hydralisk den. req: hive.
  • Lurker: morph from hydralisk. req: Lurker Den.
  • Swarm Guardian: morph from Mutalisk. req: Greater Spire.

Upgrades and Abilities:


  • Seismic Spines for Lurker at Lurker Den.


  • Argus Talisman, Mind Control and Maelstrom for Dark Archon at Dark Shrine.
  • Apial Sensors and Gravity Engine for Scout at Fleet Beacon.
  • Increase Reaver Capacity and Scarab Damage for Reaver at Robotics Bay.
  • Argus Jewel and Disruption Web for Corsair at Fleet Beacon

remember to export all models and textures, and then import them to your map. The mod is currently avilable the the EU servers.

Current To Do list:

  • fine tuning preservers
  • Azeroth's Hirelings (so you wanted to hire some murlocs and taurens for your army?)
  • Create icons for mind control, argus talisman, apial sensors' gravity engine and argus jewel.


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