StarCraft 2 The Insurgent (BW Remake) 2024 download
starcraft 2 mod The Insurgent (BW Remake)

The Insurgent (BW Remake)

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Updated: Jun 16, 2010
Created: Jun 16, 2010

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This is a remake of the mission in BW where Aldaris gets what he deserves. You must kill the real Aldaris to win. Unfortunately, the transmissions that play when you kill the fake ones do not work for some reason. Also, if you're hoping for Dark Archons in this remake, forget it. Such a thing is utterly beyond my ability to do anything more than dream about. (I did try to make ones that could cast psi storms, but failed miserably.) Wait another 6 years 'till Legacy of the Void comes out. Dark and Twilight Archons will be added then. I did manage (I think) to disable the creation of High Templars. Aside from the above however, the map is fine. Play it and feel free to comment. Note that I used a map called "sabotage" as the basis for this map. Enjoy!


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