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starcraft 2 mod Vuvuzela Frenzy!

Vuvuzela Frenzy!

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Updated: Jun 15, 2010
Created: Jun 15, 2010

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Vuvuzela Frenzy

Take on the role as a protector of the sound environment, brought in especially by the Terran marines to dish out a cold serving of whoop ass on anyone trying to use a vuvuzela. You play as a hero with some handy skills and your job is to take out any spectators who start playing the vuvuzela, before the sound becomes so strong that the football match has to be aborted! If you succeed, glory awaits…


Select a difficulty. Higher difficulty means that more spectators will take to playing their vuvuzelas, but in return you have a higher sound limit before the team stops playing and you lose (each vuvuzela player adds 27 dB to the sound level, totally arbitrary). Use all the skills to be able to put the vuvuzelas out of order as fast as you can!

Creator's Note
It was a fun map to make, especially since it had a quite clearly limited aim. The map also incorporates some limited cinematics that were fun to make. Who would've thought that the Data editor would be used to make an ability that makes you jump up and down and blow the Vuvuzela?



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