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Zergling Wars

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Total Downloads: 901
Updated: Jun 2, 2010
Created: May 30, 2010

Earlier Versions

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Zergling Wars 2.4 release 290.72 KB Jun 2, 2010 - 539 download Zergling Wars Zergling Wars 2.4 releaseDownload
Zergling War V 2.3 release 358.30 KB May 30, 2010 - 362 download Zergling Wars Zergling War V 2.3 releaseDownload



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Two separate teams must work to survive longer than other team. An onslaught of zerglings will attack the two teams, spawning one zergling for the enemy for every zergling the other team kills. Minerals can be gained from kills and can be used to upgrade your units and build buildings while vespene gained over time can be used to upgrade the zergling on the opposing side. Over time superwaves will charge for both sides, sending out a wave of superlings when fully charged. Teams can charge up their superwave faster by pushing up in their lane and having less zergling on their side then the other team does.

Version 2.4

  • Added new tech
  • Stimpack: Allows Marines and Marauders to move and fire faster. Drains 1.5 life per second whlie the effect is active.
  • Energy Leech: Allows the Dark Templar to gain a small amount of energy for each klil.
  • Twliight Shroud: Cloaks the Dark Templar, draining energy per second while he is cloaked.
  • Siege Tank Range Increase: Increases the range of the siege tank by 2 in siege mode (Only upgradable once)

Some of this tech is only avaliable after you have bought a previous upgrade. For instance, you cannot tech Twliight Shroud until you have researched Energy Leech. We are planning on having a "tree" upgrade system, where different people can tech into different things (Infantry, Vehicle, Protoss) or a mixture of all 3 with all basic tech available to everyone.

  • More balance changes
  • Terrain fixed up a bit
  • Last Resort now spawns Zealots and a Dark Templar to help defend while you attempt to recuperate
  • Superwave system has changed. Everytime you spawn a superwave, your wave level goes up. You gain Vespene equal to the wave level per 5 seconds. Your wave level also increases the amount of special units that spawn.
  • Upgrades now cost 5 extra Vespene per upgrade level for all players.
  • Fixed a bug where units that were in production when the round reset would stay in production.
  • Fixed some typos, edited Loading Screen
  • Added a zoom dialog, accessible by typing -zoom
  • The player will only be able to attack their own units and the enemy. You cannot attack your ally's units.
  • Psionic Storm will not hurt allied units.
  • Siege tanks will not hurt allied units (Already implemented, but never explained)


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