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starcraft 2 mod Cat N Mouse – Water World

Cat N Mouse – Water World

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Updated: Mar 24, 2011
Created: Mar 23, 2011

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Map Information

  • This is a Large size map, playable 140 x 140. You need at least 2 people to play this map. If no cats are picked in the lobby, then it will pick a random cat at the start of the game. Also if there isn't a mouse, then a mouse will be picked randomly too. If only 1 person is playing, it will go into "Test Mode" where you are able to test the map. This map is balanced on a cat to mouse ratio, but is best played with a full game.


  • This map be based on a world where it floods the lower areas of the map. You will get a warning before the flooding starts, and you will see the map getting dark and start raining. The flooding is a little random, so your never know when it will start.


  • In this game you are able to have 3 cats. Each cat can level up, and gains skill points. Cats can then use the skill points on skills in the skill tree. Once a cat dies, he can not be resurrected and will stay dead for the rest of the game. If all the cats die then the mice win.

Cat Tips

  • Tip 1: Exterminate the all mice (probes) as fast as you can. Each time you kill a mouse, all of his buildings are destroyed, and you gain a good amount of EXP.
  • Tip 2: Kill buildings and other units to level up your cat. The more levels you gain, the stronger you become.
  • Tip 3: Level up skills in the skills tree. Try to pick 1 side of the tree to gain the best results.
  • Tip 4: Do not spawn camp. If a mouse is dead, you will lose life every sec you are in the area.
  • Tip 5: Try to keep the mice down, Do not spawn camp, but kill anyone that might be trying to save his fellow mice.
  • Tip 6: Keep an eye on every mouse. Try not to let any mouse get to strong. Spending too much time trying to get 1 mouse might give the other mice time to gather forces, and kill you.


  • You are able to have a total of 9 playable mice in this game. Mice are able to build structures and other units to help kill or block the cat. Mice are also able to plant a tree at a location that a tree was destroyed. (Note: Trees are like mouse holes) If a mouse dies, all of his units are destroyed, but his teammates can save the mouse at the middle of the map.

Mouse Tips

  • Tip 1: Keep your mouse away from the cat. Once your mouse has died, all your buildings and any men will be destroyed.
  • Tip 2: Use the map to your advantage. Run where the cat can't go, like the mouse holes or make buildings that the cat can't go. (Example: Building 2 Brie Cheese (Pylon) next to each other lets your mouse run through them.)
  • Tip 3: If your mouse dies, it's not the end of the world. Ask a teammate to save you at the middle of the map. Also if you where to save a team mate, you would gain extra minerals.
  • Tip 4: Don't feed the cat. Try to build buildings that takes the cat a long time to destroy, or ones that give him very little EXP. The stronger the cat gets the harder it is to beat him.
  • Tip 5: Be a team player. Play as a team, and try to gain enough units to kill the cat.


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