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starcraft 2 mod CFG Melee Expansion Mod

CFG Melee Expansion Mod

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Total Downloads: 1,397
Updated: Dec 27, 2010
Created: Dec 27, 2010

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The CFG Melee Expansion mod is designed to bring more options to players with new units, upgrades, and powers.  Many are from the SC2 campaign, and others are completely new.In addition, the mod enables a few new gameplay elements such as Commanders (WCIII-ish heroes) and Vetrancy (units level up).

The latest version of the mod, as well as maps with the mod enabled, can be found on by searching for "CFG". I try to change up the maps each time I update the mod.

Units Added:

•    Firebat
•    Medic
•    Spectre
•    Vulture
•    Wraith
•    Science Vessel
•    Goliath
•    Predator
•    Diamondback
•    Perdition Turret
•    Terran Commander
•    Terran Battlecruiser

•    Pyrokineticist
•    Biokineticist
•    Scout
•    Dark Arbiter
•    Stone Zealot
•    Twilight Zealot
•    Protoss Executar

•    Aberration
•    Brutalisk
•    Flame Spitter
•    Symbiant
•    Tormentor
•    Zerg Cerebrate
•    Zerg Hivemistress

•    Commanders :  Each race has unique hero units (Terran Commander / Battleship, Protoss Executar / Mothership, Zerg Cerebrate / Hivemistress) of which only one of each type can be spawned at a time (similar to Mothership requirement).  This unit gives all allied units within its sight a 10% bonus to attack speed and movement speed, representing coordination between the commander and his units. Each commander has a number of powers as well.

•    Vetrancy : Units gain experience in combat, up to level 3, commanders up to level 5.  Levels give a bonus to damage, shields, armor, movement to units, with commanders gaining regeneration from levels as well:
o    Level 2: Life, Shields, & Damage +10%, Movement Speed +5%, +1 regen life/energy (regen commander only)
o    Level 3: Life, Shields, & Damage +20%, Movement Speed +10%, +1 regen life/energy (regen commander only)
o    Level 4: Life, Shields, & Damage +30%, Movement Speed +15%, +2 regen life/energy
o    Level 5: Life, Shields, & Damage +40%, Movement Speed +20%, +3 regen life/energy

•    Autocast: Most abilities are now available for troops using Autocast.  Right click the ability to toggle it on and off. Note that some abilities function better than others, as the computer does not use powers that require targeting correctly at times.

•    Resource Trading : Players can trade minerals and gas from the beginning of the match, enhancing teamwork.

•    Higher Ground: Units and combat-related buildings (photon cannons, bunkers, etc.) on the highest cliff level deal 15% more damage and take 15% less damage to/from lower units. Units and combat-related buildings on the lowest cliff level deal 15% less damage and take 15% more damage to/from higher units. (SC+)

•    General: Chronoboost can be used on all buildings. (SC+)
•    Unit: Pyrokineticist – Flame unit, similar to the Terran Firebat.
•    Unit: Biokineticist – Healer, similar to the Terran Medic.
•    Unit: Immortal – Shields/Health changed form 100/200 to 200/100. (SC+)
•    Unit: Scout – Air unit, can attack ground and air units.
•    Unit: Stone Zealot  – Ground unit, anti-infantry armored unit.
•    Unit: Twilight Zealot – Ground suicide unit, explodes when killed.
•    Unit: Dark Arbiter – Air unit, can cast Stasis & Cloak of Darkness.  (SC+)
•    Commander: Protoss Executar – Resilient melee combat warrior that inspires his troops.  Does extra damage to structures. Can use Blink and Void Prison as special abilities, as well as warp in pylons for warpgate use.
•    Commander: Mothership – as normal campaign.
•    Structure: Dark Shrine – Now spawns with 50 energy and 100 max energy.  Dark Shrines have Cloak of Darkness. This ability costs 100 energy and cloaks all friendly units and structures within a small area for a short time. (SC+)
•    Upgrade: Scout – Gravitic Thrusters – adds to the Scout's movement speed and acceleration.
•    Upgrade: Warp Prism – Gravitic Plating – Doubles Warp Prism's shields.
•    Upgrade: Observer – Enhanced Sight: Makes Observers's sight radius larger.
•    Upgrade: Photon Cannon / Dark Arbiter – Energized Plasma: Adds +1 range and 20% attack speed to Photon Cannons and Dark Arbiters.
•    Upgrade: Stalker – Sharpshooter: Gives Stalkers +1 range and +1 sight.
•    Upgrade: Pyrokineticist – Pyrokineticist Plasma: Enlarges the area of Pyrokineticist's attacks.
•    Upgrade: High Templar – Phase Shift: 50 energy to use, the targeted unit will phase out for 15 seconds. Phased out units can move, but can't take or deal damage, and can't use abilities. (SC+)
•    Upgrade: High Templar/Dark Templar – Argus Talisman: Doubles the energy regeneration rate of high templars. (SC+)
•    Upgrade:  Phoenix – Disruption Web: 75 energy to use. It creates a small area where ranged attacks cannot be made by ground units or structures. (SC+)
•    Upgrade:  Phoenix – Overload:  This ability takes 2 seconds to cast, costs 100 energy, and does up to 150 damage to nearby enemy fliers. Using overload causes the Phoenix to go offline for one minute. (SC+)

•    Unit: MULE – Can now harvest minerals and vespene gas.  (SC+)
•    Unit: Firebats – Flame unit from original campaign.
•    Unit: Medic – Healer from original campaign.
•    Unit: Spectre – Stealth unit from original campaign.
•    Unit: Vulture – Armored unit from original campaign.
•    Unit: Wraith – Flying unit from original campaign.
•    Unit: Goliath – Armored unit from original campaign.
•    Unit: Diamondback – Armored unit from original campaign.
•    Unit: Predator – Anti-infantry unit from original campaign.
•    Unit: Dropship  – Can hold other player's units and heal like a Medivac, enhancing teamwork.
•    Unit:  Science Vessel – Requires Starport Tech Lab and Fusion Core. Has Defensive Matrix, Nano-repair, and Irradiate. Can research EMP at Fusion Core. (SC+)
•    Commander: Terran Commander  – Resilient ranged combat warrior that inspires his troops.  Can use Defensive Matrix as a power, as well as summon various Terran mercenaries for a high cost in minerals and gas.
•    Commander: Terran Battleship  – Resilient airborne strategic warrior that inspires his troops.  Can use Defensive Matrix as a power, as well as Yamato Cannon and Missile Pods.
•    Structure: Bunker – can hold other player's units, enhancing teamwork.
•    Structure: Perdition Turret – Defensive structure from the Campaign.
•    Upgrade: SCV – Advanced Construction: Allows multiple SCVs to work on construction of a single unit together.
•    Upgrade: SCV – Micro-Filtered Resources: Adds 1 to the resource gathering rate of minerals and vespine gas.
•    Upgrade: Firebat – Bearclaw Nozzles: Enlarges the area of Firebat's attacks.
•    Upgrade: Ghost – Lockdown:  This 75 energy spell renders a single mechanical target immobile and unable to attack or use abilities for 30 seconds. (SC+)
•    Upgrade: Marauder – Life Support:  It gives all marauder suits a life support system that can be activated to give the marauder an additional 100 HP for 10 seconds. (SC+)
•    Upgrade: Firebat – Juggernaut Plating: improves armor for Firebats. (SC+)
•    Upgrade: Medic – Restoration and Optic Flare available. (SC+)
•    Upgrade: Wraith – Banshee Cloak: now available for Wraiths. (SC+)
•    Upgrade: Vulture – Speed upgrade increases speed by 50%; Spider Mines upgrade available. (SC+)

•    Unit: Drone – Has Transfusion as the Queen ability, it heals 50 hp.  Recharge is slow for Drone energy.
•    Unit: Queen – Transfusion: Amount reduced to 50 hp
•    Unit: Symbiant – Healing unit, similar to a Terran Medic.
•    Unit: Flame Spitter – Flame unit, similar to a Terran Firebat.
•    Unit: Aberration – Heavy infantry from the original campaign.
•    Unit: Brutalisk – Armored massive unit from the original campaign.
•    Commander: Zerg Cerebrate – Resilient flying combat warrior that inspires his troops.  Can create Mutalisks and Corruptors as well being a formidable combatant.
•    Commander: Zerg Hivemistress – Resilient infantry combat warrior that inspires her troops.  Can use Razor Swarm and Implosion powers.
•    Structure: Nydus Worm – can hold other player's units, enhancing teamwork
•    Upgrade: Drone – Biological Refinement: Adds 1 to the resource gathering rate of minerals and vespine gas.
•    Upgrade: Baneling – Abdominal Fortitude: Gives Banelings +20 life.
•    Upgrade: Spore and Spine Mutations: Gives Spore Crawlers +1 range and Spine Crawlers 20% attack speed.
•    Upgrade: Hydralisk – Sharpshooter: Gives Hydralisks +1 range and +1 sight.
•    Upgrade: Mutalisk – Sharpshooter: Gives Mutalisks +1 range and +1 sight.
•    Upgrade: Flame Spitter – Flame Gout: Enlarges the area of Flame Spitter's attacks.
•    Upgrade: Hydralisk Dens require a Spawning Pool instead of a Lair, and can morph into lurker dens for 100/100. (SC+)
•    Upgrade: Mutalisk – Can now morph into Corruptors for 50/100. With a Greater Spire, they can also morph into Brood Lords for 200/150. (SC+)
•    Upgrade: Corruptor – Each corruptor attack puts an Acid Spore on the target, up to a maximum of 9 spores. Each spore increases the damage that unit takes from all attacks. (SC+)
•    Upgrade: Roach Warren – Organic Carapace upgrade added. Provides 3 regen to unburrowed  roaches and 5 regen to burrowed roaches. (SC+)

– ShardFenix for his StarCraft+ mod and the many upgrades included from it, and for his Leaderboard UI for maps as well
– Sepraphim for his Nullifier model
– k10forgotten for his Reaver model
– mParfait and UltiDrgn for their models and icons

Known Issues
– Some animations are imperfect, once I understand actors and models more completely I hope to eliminate this bug.
– Computer AI does not use new units. I am not capable of programming the AI to use them, if someone is and wants to help that would be great!
– A SCV icon appears in the queue now and then, it does not affect the unit being built.
– New upgrades and units might have their stats adjusted as time goes on and I get more feedback on their balance.

Very simple.
1) Open the map in the editor, go to File – Dependencies.  Add the mod as a dependency, move it to the top.  Save.
2) Import (F9) and import the models file included (everything in the folder).  Import ALL the files EXCEPT the .m3 files. Save.
3) Close the editor, every window. Double check it's fully closed.
4) Re-open the map, import the .m3 files. Save.
5) You are done!  I do this with new maps all the time while friends are waiting in the lobby, it takes less than 5 minutes!!

Purpose of this thread:
I made this mod for me and my friends, and decided to release it.  This mod can be used by anyone for anything, and it can be released without giving me credit (although the work of others listed above should be acknowledged). I seek no internet glory for my ability to edit a few data fields 🙂

I want to hear about:
– Bugs, from things that don't work to typos and spelling – posting a link to a fix is even better!
– other units, upgrades, powers, or features people might want to see

I do NOT want to hear about:
– Balance issues or thoughts about anything like that, unless the unit is bugged (doing 500 damage instead of 50, etc)
– Complaints, negativity, or flames
I will just ignore these two things.  No offense.

Sadistic Leprechaun


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