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starcraft 2 mod FLUB – Kulas Ravine

FLUB – Kulas Ravine

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Updated: Aug 22, 2013
Created: Aug 22, 2013

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What is FLUB? FLUB is a prototype stat-randomizing mod for Starcraft II melee maps. FLUB shifts gameplay toward clever strategy and away from raw experience. FLUB is generous yet demands nothing. FLUB is objectively wonderful.

Map Link: starcraft://map/1/218749 (This is always up-to-date and will always work properly; use this instead of the trigger-stripped download. You'll need to bookmark it to create/join a game.)

FLUB randomly tweaks the stats of each player's units and displays the changes before the match begins, allowing you time to strategize and potentially re-roll the changes. FLUB graciously ensures that each game is an entirely unique experience by drawing from a massive pool of stat-unit combinations. Siege tanks with +2 range? Good. Mutas with -1 speed? Great. Banelings with +2 explosion radius? FLUB approves. Players once called FLUB the "Fabricator of Ludicrously Unplayable Balance." Once. Those remaining realized that FLUB was completely fair in every way imaginable. And generous.

Often, beginners approach real-time strategy games with trepidation and frustration; playing with friends of highly varied RTS experience can be even worse. FLUB's benevolence extends most greatly to these players, for with casual FLUB, the emphasis is placed on resourcefulness rather than experience. Strategy games should be more like FLUB.

FLUB is also highly customizable; whether you desire a host of minor stat variations or a few drastic variations per player, FLUB shall provide. Generously. FLUB even features a simple pre-match veto system, which works especially well when playing with friends…

Conclusion: FLUB is the best. You should play FLUB, because it is so generous. FLUB cannot be ingratiated, for it is wholly unbiased. FLUB is objectively wonderful.

Though I have experience with the editor and Galaxy, FLUB is the first SC2 map I've actually published, so any ideas, suggestions, and feedback are greatly appreciated! I actually created it because I was curious to see how a highly-randomized RTS would fare. While the stats are randomized, I want to minimize the impact of luck, so if you have an ideas towards this end, I'd be even happier to hear them.


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