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starcraft 2 mod Gods of Terminion

Gods of Terminion

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Total Downloads: 595
Updated: Apr 22, 2016
Created: Oct 20, 2015

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Gods Of Terminion Map release 10.75 MB Apr 22, 2016 - 290 download Gods of Terminion Gods Of Terminion Map releaseDownload
Gods of Terminion release 4.50 MB Oct 20, 2015 - 305 download Gods of Terminion Gods of Terminion releaseDownload



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In Gods of Terminion, you must destroy enemy God statues while protecting yours. In addition to classic Tug of War gameplay, I added ideas inspired by Moba games to make it more interactive.

Here is a trailer to help you get a better idea of the game:

  1. You build "trainer" units in your base, which will spawn units to fight for you at each wave.
  2. You can cast powerful spells with your God, to try and snowball a big wave in your favor, to destroy the enemy.
  3. Secondary objectives appear in jungles: you can send your waves there instead of towards the enemy, the rewards can be worth it.

Here is a developper play-through to help you get familiar with the game:

Please leave me feedback, and follow updates here or on facebook: !


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