StarCraft 2 Mar Sara Wastes (7v7 Melee Map) 2023 download
starcraft 2 mod Mar Sara Wastes (7v7 Melee Map)

Mar Sara Wastes (7v7 Melee Map)

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Total Downloads: 1,206
Updated: Nov 13, 2010
Created: Nov 13, 2010

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Mara Sara wastes is an epic 7v7 max melee map. Featuring gameplay styles of 7v7, 4v4v4v4 (Not working ATM) 4v4, 3v3, etc. This is in fact, my very first complete map ever, so if you see something wrong, I have an excuse. Anyways, I found a challenge presented by Chiseen. He wanted somebody to make him a map for 14 players using his template. I accepted to make it because I was honestly bored at the time and it seemed like a great idea. What came out of that was Mar Sara Wastes, an epic melee map. There are 4 bases, in 7v7, one base per team will, unfortunately, be missing one player. That I cannot fix, as though the editor can only support 15 players maximum. So, as you all know, 15 cannot be split evenly. I also realize that it may be nearly impossible to have a full 14 player game running unless planned. That, cannot be fixed, especially with the popularity system in place.

::This map is published on Battle.Net::

This map features:

  • 16 spawn points
  • 16 naturals (1 per player)
  • 4 In-base gold expansion
  • 4 Gold Expansions
  • 8 Island Expansions
  • 4 Center Expansions
  • 8 Xel'Naga watch towers


  • Fixed some mixed up cliffs.
  • Improved center rock formation.
  • Added more doodads
  • Added Critters
  • Deleted some particle effects for better performance.


  • More decals
  • Terran Tarmacs in some spots
  • Improved terrain around the bases
  • more doodads
  • Gold center hub slightly changed.
  • Made several mineral patches easier to defend

I wish you the best of luck gathering enough people to play a game.

<l>Please note, I do not fully understand the editor, so I really have no idea how to make multiple, non FFA teams. If you know how to do this, please say how.

<ll>This map is created by Unneta, layout was created by Chiseen. (See Below)

<lll>Chiseen's concept:


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