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Inordinate Violence

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Updated: Oct 28, 2012
Created: Oct 24, 2012

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I've taken the liberty to add a fourth race. I have been successful up to the point that it is fully functional and decently balanced. This new Race is formally known as the Infested.

The Infested no longer hold any favor to the swarm. Their new masters, the Hybrids, have come to consume all life in the galaxy. The swarms of mutated, grotesque, and volatile forces that make up the infested are new to even the Protoss. Even among the raging battles between the three factions Terran, Protoss, and Zerg forces must each in kind turn to fight this ever present new foe.

Burn them, Slice them, Explode them, Swarm them, or Swallow them in a mighty vortex; but leave them to spread, evolve, and mutate into stronger forms and greater forces and you will have the fight of your life on your hands as you are overwhelmed and eventually assimilated. Leave them alone for too much longer and their masters will join the battle and exterminate the remaining forces you have left.

Key Features Include:

– New mechanics

– New and old units coming back

– New resource used only by the new race

– Strong well rounded army

– New and old abilities

– Interesting models and ideas

– Hybrids

This map is published and available to the public. The map itself can be found on Starcraft II: Arcade>Inordinate Violence.

Please help me make this custom big so I can release more awesome customs faster.

If you want to add anything, post a suggestion, or report a bug/problem contact me.

I am the author and have no other staff working with me besides testers.

I have just recently added and will continue to add more maps with the Infested.

There will be a campaign eventually developed for this custom, single player and rather interesting. This is currently in the planning stages and needs more time.

If you are a person that makes models, knows how to add custom models, or knows a lot about the editor, please hit me up, I need to brush up on the inner workings of complex triggers, parameters, and detailed arrays/variables.

PM me or email me at


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