StarCraft 2 Lobo and the Preserver 2023 download
starcraft 2 mod Lobo and the Preserver

Lobo and the Preserver

Game Version: -
Total Downloads: 365
Updated: Aug 4, 2010
Created: Aug 4, 2010

Earlier Versions

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Lobo release 167.26 KB Aug 4, 2010 - 365 download Lobo and the Preserver Lobo releaseDownload



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Update*Lobo FINAL is up and ready to play
Image of the layout for the final:

2-player 1on1 map
Playable 144 x 120
Full 160 x 144
A clean urban themed map with an interesting set of expo choices.
If you like panda bear guy you will love this map.
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The textures are a bit limited due to working with textures outside of the tile set. It's quite restricting. The upside is the map looks and plays clean while the detailed areas are quite enjoyable and are not repetitive.

  • I'm considering a day/night cycle for this map if it doesn't lag.

Angled Overview

Feeling and Theme (close ups) x4
Some of those trees are Cliff Walk friendly as are many other places:

Change Log:

Added new props to the map thanks to having the retail game along with some additional critters
Adjusted resources in mid to a standard 6 expo

The map is published to B-net NA


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