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Updated: Feb 8, 2016
Created: Feb 8, 2016

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VOIDWARSTerraform.SC2Map release 3.40 MB Feb 8, 2016 - 214 download VOID WARS VOIDWARSTerraform.SC2Map releaseDownload


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VOID WARS – Full Release

VOID WARS is a melee style custom map for StarCraft II – "Legacy Of The Void" with a new economy system and extreme hardcore gameplay. Capture Control Points to increases the rate that your workers enter the map with resources. The implementation of Control Points gets the players out of their bases all game long with small forces, this leads to micro-battles all over the map. The player can choose to collect addition Minerals or Vespene Gas on their Supply Lines allowing the player to customize the ratio of incoming resources. Most lower tier units and lower tier upgrades only cost Minerals.

Further details are on the website.
Americas server map locations are listed on the website.
"How to" instructions are within the map files along with screen shots.
5 maps available so far.

Add me to game this bad boy. Americas Server.



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