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Updated: Apr 25, 2010
Created: Apr 25, 2010

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Based on the first ums I ever played on the original starcraft, the player controls Godzilla and battles against hostile computer controlled city defense forces.


-Control a supersized "Godzilla" and attack the city

-Fire breath attack for dealing with flying targets

-Every minute or so a military strike force will be spawned and dispatched to your last seen location

-Large city scape occupied by the military to run rampant in

-Computer AI will build units at its bases and attack you with them

To-do list:

-Give Godzilla an innate burrow ability similar to roaches where he can move while underground

-Make Godzilla's firebreath shoot from his mouth while facing the target rather than from the middle of his body like a turret

-Improve Terran military base AI and allow it to build all units without required attachments

-Remove ability for supply depots to lower


-somehow, I turned the fire attack blue…

-Godzilla will occasionally lock up when trying to cast fire breath on a unit out of range, (move Godzilla closer or change target to avoid issue)

Eventually, the basics of this map will be applied to create a "Cloverfield" Map where two players control the monster and its parasites against a team of players who control the army, airforce, and marines.

Any suggestions on how to solve some of the issues on the "to-do" list would be greatly appreciated!


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