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starcraft 2 mod Invasion of the Invadors

Invasion of the Invadors

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Updated: Aug 10, 2010
Created: Aug 10, 2010

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  • So In this survival game, your goal is to live for 25 minutes.
  • It is 4 player friendly.
  • (The map is not fully polished)
  • There is 3 spots where you can place units for a strategic advantage
  • If you are playing solo the mobs will be easier then they would if you were playing with 4(so yes this is solo friendly)
  • Every different time you see the monsters there health will be increased slightly.
  • And at the last 2 minutes of the game, You have to fight a boss with 10000Health, and 45 armor. Including more oncoming enemy's.
  • You start off with 45 minerals, and get 1 to 10 ( I believe) from killing the different enemies. and 1000 minerals for killing the boss
  • Siege tanks are usable, and very useful for those strategic spots, all units that are not marines have health increases, except the marines.
  • The siege tank upgrade is instant, and costs nothing
  • There is +1 on armor and weapons, and you can upgrade it 10 times each.
  • Ghosts can use snipe
  • Reapers are my least favorite unit, but get a good damage boost.
  • This map has come together all thanks to the help of the tutorials of OneTwoSC, So I thank him alot for inspiring me to learn how to edit maps.
    If you want to add me to your friends my code thing is 816, if you want to contact me about the map you can email me, or just message me on Starcraft when I'm on, or even on here.

All I ask is that you contact me about any edits you make, or ideas you can give me to improve this map, that are not insanely difficult.

This is in the beta stages and needs testing, so please help me out and let me know how my first Starcraft 2 map, is. Thanks.


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