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starcraft 2 mod Kerrigan’s Vengeance

Kerrigan’s Vengeance

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Total Downloads: 2,384
Updated: Feb 18, 2011
Created: Jan 30, 2011

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Kerrigan's Vengeance release 1.44 MB Feb 18, 2011 - 2,384 download Kerrigan’s Vengeance Kerrigan's Vengeance releaseDownload



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Raynor's Raiders are on the brink of activating the Xel'Naga relic on Char! Undo the damage the Terrans have inflicted on the homeworld of the Swarm and push Raynor's forces back so you can destroy him once and for all!

This is a single-player mission, similar in style to DOTA. Kerrigan must destroy the Terran's base guarding the Xel'Naga artifact. There are multiple secondary objectives around the map to aid Kerrigan in her conquest. Use earned minerals to upgrade your troops and beef up base defenses.


Drag the map file onto the Starcraft 2 executable


Open the map in the Starcraft 2 Galaxy Editor
Press Ctrl+F9 to run it.


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