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Starcraft 2: Brood’s Wrath

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Updated: Aug 9, 2015
Created: Jul 12, 2015

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This is my first campaign for Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm. I love campaign from blizzard with Kerrigan, coz it's my favourite hero so i got idea to make my own zerg campaign with custom story. But then i got two ideas. Combine C&C 3 and Starcraft 2 together and make one race with this system. After week of making system, units, buildings and ideas + preparing campaign with story i made race called Brood with main hero Kelysa (that's broodmother).


Kelysa, first broodmother unbound, bound to the will of no one. Under her reign, her brood differentiated itself from the zerg into the so called tier 3 evolution. She is obsessed by collecting zerg and hybrid essences to create her ultimate weapon to conquer galaxy. Her will is very powerful and she destroy everything in her path.


"Brood's Wrath" is a 5 mission campaign with a lot of action, nice gameplay, custom system, custom units, heroes, structures and building system. Featuring high-quality game, 2 difficulty levels, a lot of different units. Each unit is strong against something else (Infantry, Armored, Air, Massive, Structure)


  • 5 Action missions with storyline of broodmother Kelysa
  • Play as Brood (New custom race based on zerg)
  • Several abilities
  • Ultimate weapons (Units, Buildings with apocalyptic damage)
  • 1 Boss Fight


It started at Char before Kerrigan's return. One broodmother from many called Kelysa started her own evolution of zerg race. She was trying to combine many essences, zerg units, structures of DNA until she found the way how to move zergs to another levels. She upgraded zerg DNA and made drones more useful, created new zerg Town Hall which can morph multiple buildings instead of drones. Now her obsession is too strong, more than herself. She want to move zerg evolution higher than is now. She wants to combine hybrid and zerg essence from two different sources to create Ultimate weapon which can help her to conquer every plant in this galaxy.


  • Brood's Wrath 01 – The Brood's Strike (Finished)
  • Brood's Wrath 02 – Piece of Essence (Finished)
  • Brood's Wrath 03 – Eternal Conflict (Finished)
  • Brood's Wrath 04 – Primals in the Fog (Finished)
  • Brood's Wrath 05 – The Evolution (Finished)

Difficulty Levels:

* Normal: A difficulty requiring micro skills, featuring fewer enemies and focus on story and minor challenges.

* Hard: A difficulty requiring good multitasking and micro skills, featuring a high number enemies and focus on challenges .


  • Special thanks to guy which made icons used in my project.
  • Special thanks to alleyviper85 for really cool models – used in my project.
  • Special thanks to Thrikodias for amazing models – used in my project.
  • Special thanks to Terhonator for really nice launcher permissions from his campaign Hand of Humanity.
  • Special thanks to SoulFilcher for Avatar of Hybrid.
  • Special thanks to blizzard for models.
  • Special thanks to Zowieberner for help with text.

Screenshots & Videos:

Image 01

Image 02

Image 03

Image 04

Image 05

Video: Spotlight for mission 1


– Do not use any models edited or made by me from this project without any ask.


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