StarCraft 2 Legacy of the Xel’Naga 2024 download
starcraft 2 mod Legacy of the Xel’Naga

Legacy of the Xel’Naga

Game Version: -
Total Downloads: 1,010
Updated: Jul 1, 2010
Created: Jul 1, 2010

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Legacy of the Xel'Naga release 3.25 MB Jul 1, 2010 - 1,010 download Legacy of the Xel’Naga Legacy of the Xel'Naga releaseDownload



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Sorry it's been so long since I made a new map, I've had some problems. Well, July is here and we've got 27 friggin days: unbearable! Ugh! Anyway, This is a remake of the third mission in Brood War where Kerrigan teams up with the Protoss. I used a 2x size library large doodad for the temple, and WOW, does it look awesome! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! And mark your calendars: the Xel'Naga return 7/27/10.


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