StarCraft 2 Protect The Statue v2.2.2 (Final) 2024 download
starcraft 2 mod Protect The Statue v2.2.2 (Final)

Protect The Statue v2.2.2 (Final)

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Total Downloads: 2,892
Updated: May 3, 2010
Created: Apr 24, 2010

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This map was made during Phase 1 of the Starcraft 2 Beta. I do not know how future patches to the game will affect this map. I have no plans to release any more versions of it, as I will be working on different projects after the game is released.


  • Protect the Statue against 25 Zerg Waves.
  • Destroy the Zerg Tunnel
  • Bonus: Keep the Captain Alive


  • Set the file to open with Starcraft or launch the SC2 Map Editor, load this map, and press Test Map.


v2.2.2 (Final)

  • Unless bugs need fixed, or I think of something else. This will be the final version.
  • Many doodads can now be walked through.


  • The first 'Additional Backups' on the Zerg Tunnel mission will now come slightly sooner.


  • The Captain's plasma cannon has been redesigned. It no longer requires energy and is a passive skill rather than an autocast skill. It also has some small splash damage.
  • The Captain's plasma cannon bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Captain could spin around in circles forever.
  • Some doodads that were moved or removed due to conflicts with the Zerg Waves.
  • Tons of balances and optimizations to units.
  • There are no longer any friendly fire attacks.
  • The game is now harder. Sorry, but it was just to easy in v2.1. Use those Stimpacks and repair often.
  • You will now receive additional backup during the Zerg Tunnel mission. This should help prevent never ending battles.
  • Improved the Camera movement during the mini-cutscene.
  • Objectives will now fail if you lose.
  • Bonus Objective is added. There is no reward for failing or succeeding.
  • Fixed an issue with the map bounds, you can now build Bunkers closer to the border of the map.
  • Improved loading screen.
  • Many more minor fixes.


  • Removed a trigger that wasn't suppose to be in the released version.


  • 5 more waves bringing the total to 25 waves. Around 30 minutes of gameplay!
  • Each Wave has been completely redone allowing for a much more balanced playthrough.
  • You can no longer go to the Zerg Tunnel when you aren't suppose too.
  • Due to the number of people having problems with difficulty, Zerg damage has been toned down slightly.
  • There are now recommendation tooltips on the upgrades.
  • The Captain's Cannon now has less damage, however has been adjusted to fire a little faster.
  • The Captain got his shield and HP reduced slightly.
  • Loading Screen added.
  • Other minor stuff.
  • Known Bug (Unfixable?): The Captain's Plasma Cannon sometimes will not target the boss automatically. Manually use the skill and it should begin to autocast like normal.


  • 2 more waves and a boss added. Bringing the total to 20 waves. Around 20-25 minutes of gameplay!
  • Massive overhaul on how you get upgrades. You can now select the Statue and pick your upgrades.
  • Tons of new upgrades to choose from.
  • Massive overhaul on how waves are triggered. Almost all triggers were redone to be more efficient.
  • A new unit, the Captain, shows his face.
  • Units, Upgrades, etc have all been renamed.
  • Almost completely redid the map, including better doodads placements and textures.
  • Objectives finally update.
  • Adjusted camera bounds if you are on a 4:3 monitor and have issues let me know.
  • Tested MUCH longer than previous versions. Hopefully this is bug free.
  • Much much more!


  • WARNING: If you downloaded v1.1.4, please download the latest version. Something went wrong in the uploading process and caused some major issues making the map unplayable. You will either get attacked by hundreds of Zerg, or the Zerg will only attack the North Bunker causing it to get destroyed quickly.


  • Added a Wave Progress bar.
  • Added doodads.


  • Fixed a bug that could cause Zerg not to spawn on the Zerg Tunnel mission.


  • Fixed a bug where you didn't receive backup for the Zerg Tunnel mission.
  • Even less waiting.


  • Fixed a bug with the last wave that could cause the game to be near impossible.
  • Made the Zerg Tunnel mission slightly easier.
  • Ultra Thors now regen shield slightly faster.
  • Less waiting.


  • 2 More Waves, bringing the total to 18 waves.
  • Units and Waves have been improved and balanced.
  • Difficulty has been increased.
  • Bunkers now build faster and do not require the Ultra Thor's attention. Select the build location and go back to the fight! Credit: Kerensky.theonslaught
  • Sensor Towers no longer can be destroyed.
  • The ramp has been increased in size.
  • Zerg Tunnel has been increased in size.
  • Many more optimizations, and improvements.


  • Initial Release


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