StarCraft 2 Snipers ProMod 2 2024 download
starcraft 2 mod Snipers ProMod 2

Snipers ProMod 2

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Total Downloads: 538
Updated: Sep 5, 2011
Created: Sep 3, 2011

Earlier Versions

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Snipers ProMod2 beta 815.87 KB Sep 5, 2011 - 381 download Snipers ProMod 2 Snipers ProMod2 betaDownload
Snipers ProMod 2 beta 815.09 KB Sep 3, 2011 - 157 download Snipers ProMod 2 Snipers ProMod 2 betaDownload


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About continuation:

The orginal map has been made by gizmomcs.774
He abandoned his project, but fortunately it was on Public Domain license, so I decided to continue his work

Orginal Description:

My Favourite maps on SC1 were the Sniper Locks and stuff so i decided to make one myself and here it is


It can be up to 4vs4 and its a 12 minutes match the team with more points at the end wins. 1 Kill = 1 Point for your team and if you capture the flag you get 5 Points. After respawn you are invulnerable for 2 seconds so theres no spawn camping

Both Teams have camera facing the other team base.

Hide behind trees and walls and be fast!

Latest Changes:

Added beacons (zerg/protoss) under units, so everybody can see who he's already trying to shoot out.
Added new hero – Nova with Blink ability Force
Deleted Tosh skin
Added camera turning (no more from south to north attacking to see more than enemy)

See full changelog


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