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Unit Veterancy Mod

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Updated: Mar 31, 2012
Created: Mar 31, 2012

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Basically what this mod is, is it gives all units the leveling ability. All save the workers, they obviously don't need it. Any offensive structure gets it too. Such as cannons, missle turrets, and planetary fortress. This is meant to reward units for surviving fights, becoming more valuable.Stats will increase until level 10. Each unit will have 1-3 different attributes, all units start at 0 for all of them. Each level these stats go up by 1. Different units get different stats, but I'm trying to give each race there own specific kinds of attributes. These are the attributes I have for the moment.

Agility = Speed = 5% speed bump (Zerg attribute)

Strength = Damage (+2 damage per)

Stamina = Health (+15 health Points per)

Endurance = Armor (+.5 Armor per)

Intelligence = Energy (+15 Energy per)

Psionic Power = Damage/Energy (+2 Damage/+15 Energy per)

Shield Power = Shield (+15 Shield per)

Currently those are the stats I have out. Agility and endurance I will likely have focused on the zerg. Stamina and Strength for Terrans, Endurance and Intelligence for Protoss (Though I'm gonna add one for shield armor). Psionic Power I'm gonna have for a special Ghost Attribute, but just for testing I added it to High Templar also (forgot it had no attack.. LOL).

My idea for the XP gain is the lower the tiered unit, the lower the xp gain. So obviously if you kill a zergling you will get maybe 1-2 XP (Currently its 5) Marines would give 3, Zealots, 4. Obviously if you kill a mothership, the XP gain would be lot more significant. Units do share XP from kills. Nearby units get 50% of the xp shared.

I think this mod will add a new way of playing in Starcraft 2. Since this can really change things, and how people play. It favors not blindly wasting away units and favors being careful, and allows some units to be more of worth if kept alive. I think this is different, and a bit unique. Seeing how I have only seen different mods have actual heroes, and rarely, see units with some custom form of veterancy.

This is a simple mod, and I do not mind if you use in your maps, if you use this one specific, please give credit. If this needs any fix, let me know. Whether XP needs to be nerfed or buffed, attributes needing fixes, etc. This mod ONLY adds what I have stated, I have not modified any of melee units original stats, so all units play the same, all units are just levelable now. Note, high level units become significantly more powerful. Also normal buildings do not give XP, if people want me to add in XP for structures I will.

Let me know what you guys think!


Here is a video I made previewing the mod with marines. Also contains information about the mod. (This video was made during early development)


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