StarCraft 2 [Working Title] Minion Assault 2024 download
starcraft 2 mod [Working Title] Minion Assault

[Working Title] Minion Assault

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Total Downloads: 475
Updated: May 20, 2010
Created: May 13, 2010

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[Working Title] Minion Assault v 0.7.5 beta 2.07 MB May 20, 2010 - 475 download [Working Title] Minion Assault [Working Title] Minion Assault v 0.7.5 betaDownload



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Game has been updated to version 0.7.5

As is the case with most projects coming out during the beta phase, this was mainly just a small goal I set for myself to help with learning the editor. What a process it's been.. it's incredible how difficult the most simple of tasks are, but the outcome is so insanely customizable it is completely worth the hassle. I've definitely lost more hair in the past few weeks than I have my entire life just trying to figure most of these things out.


  • Create up to 12 Protoss units (10 attackers, 1 Observer, 1 Mothership) to destroy your opponent with
  • Mothership has 4 abilities to aid in the elimination of your opponent (AoE Heal, Vortex, Scanner Sweep and Psi Storm)
  • Mothership also acts as a mobile upgrade center
  • Completely automated unit movements with no need to micro
  • Customized unit stats with detailed tooltips (since units are not selectable)
  • Each unit has its own unique passive ability (damage life+shields, shield leech, etc)
  • Persistent gas increments to convert to minerals
  • 1v1 "arena" on a smaller map for fast, frantic combat
  • Working leaderboard showing unit kills accrued
  • Currently, it is possible to gain extra minerals from killing opponent's units; This is subject to change
  • Computer opponent with random unit generation (slightly buggy; see below)

Game Description:

The goal of the game is to destroy your opponent's Nexus before he does yours.

Gas increases periodically which can then be converted into minerals by building Probes. You can then create units (all Protoss) to attack with. Units move on their own, and they cannot be selected to issue new orders (there is no micro managing here). After going halfway down the map, you'll also have to contend with your opponent's defensive cannons as well as their units. On top of creating your own units, maintaining your mineral income and upgrading, you've also got to watch what your opponent is sending so you can effectively counter and push for the win.

Meet the units: Click Here


  • The computer will not send units until you have begun creating some yourself. I'm not sure if this should stay intentional or not


  • Get all units in perfect balance which is proving a lot more difficult than it first seemed. It's easy to get units balanced against each other 1 on 1, but when you throw multiples into the mix, it's easy to see that 20 of 1 unit is grossly overpowered against 40 of another. * Almost complete *

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the game! Any comment/questions/suggestions you might have, leave in the comments section and I'll reply when I can.


After a few weeks hiatus, I've finally decided to jump back into this project. I've uploaded a Youtube video showing updated gameplay. Not playable at the moment (working out a few new bugs). There will be a working computer opponent in the final version, that will be disabled when playing against another player.



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