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starcraft 2 mod H&T Tower defense

H&T Tower defense

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Total Downloads: 1,354
Updated: May 16, 2010
Created: May 9, 2010

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H&T Tower Defense V0.15 beta 2.79 MB May 16, 2010 - 1,354 download H&T Tower defense H&T Tower Defense V0.15 betaDownload



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H&T Tower defense is a map where players compete against each other by scores given based on defense efficiency.

Basic concept:

6 players, everyone with their own defense area. Players aim to get higher scores than the others by making a more optimal defense than the others.
You gain scores by killing individual units, completing a wave, based on lives left at the end of the game and by damaging INDICATOR levels(unkillable)

When finished this map will feature:

  • 45 waves (may go higher)
  • 12 different types of creep waves
  • SPECIAL waves – a wave randomly picked from a pool of 4. These waves will require the use of hold fire,focus fire and other mechanics instead of just watch your towers shoots (You can turn these levels off if you want to)
  • 6 towers, 5 ranks for each and 4×20 different stacking upgrades to be researched for each tower individualy
  • Difficulties fitting for tower defense newbies and veterans alike(everyone gets to pick their own difficulty without any advantage in score)

And for fellow map makers

Useful triggers libs like

  • -wave hp setting based on formula that allows easy balancing
  • -flexible creep spawning triggers

First release has arrived!

Features not included in first release:

  • Special waves
  • Tower Selling(no tower juggling sorry)
  • Scoring is not functional
  • No images attached to wave displayer
  • 1 of last level tower upgrades
  • Some animations and tooltips are a mess
  • Mazing for balances sake


Please give suggestions on how to improve the game play outside of known bugs and unimplemented features!

Thanks to the makers of Eevee TD(WC3 custom map) for the inspiration for creating this map


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