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Trial of Zeal

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Updated: Jun 22, 2013
Created: Feb 26, 2013

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Changelog v0.11 release 10.69 KB Jun 22, 2013 - 688 download Trial of Zeal Changelog v0.11 releaseDownload
Changelog v0.10 release 8.29 KB Apr 4, 2013 - 363 download Trial of Zeal Changelog v0.10 releaseDownload
Changelog v0.07 release 5.28 KB Mar 14, 2013 - 237 download Trial of Zeal Changelog v0.07 releaseDownload
Changelog release 1.94 KB Mar 7, 2013 - 344 download Trial of Zeal Changelog releaseDownload



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Trial of Zeal [3v3 Hero Battle Arena]

Enter the Trial of Zeal to join the ongoing gladiatorial conflict between the Corrupt and the Pure. Battle with unique heroes and defeat the opposition!

This Map is available in: SEA ,NA, EU.

Map Feedback Thread:

Following the footsteps of the hero arena genre, Trial of Zeal is best described as a gladiator arena, pitting team versus team duels minus the leveling or item building. In addition, most projectiles in the game can be dodged or blocked through the use of obstacles.

Bound by Team Health

ToZ strives to differ from other arenas through the inclusion of a Team Health. This special health depletes when a team’s hero takes damage. It also decreases periodically if the opposing team controls more Beacons than your team does.
All damage, no healers required.
While the Team Health stands, injured heroes revive over time. Alive heroes also benefit from accelerated health regeneration when not taking damage.

Go for the KO

To win a game you need to take down all opposing heroes regardless of Team Health. All of them must be downed to achieve a KO. Remember a team does not necessarily lose when Team Health reaches zero, but rather punished with no revives.
In order to accomplish this goal players will need to cooperate bursts and perform target switches to down all opponents together before a revive occurs. There are a couple ways players can opt to defeat their opposition.

Use your Hero's Ultimate

Most players should be familiar with the concept of ultimate abilities. In Trial of Zeal an ultimate costs 50% of the Zeal gauge. Most Ultimates are downright finishers while others are fight initiators.

Unleash Zeal

The spotlight of Trial of Zeal is the ability unleash Zeal. This requires the whole bar and is key to survive and turn the tables around.
Zeal comes in 5 different types and they are distributed to heroes to reflect their individual play styles.

Capture Strategic Beacons

A tactical approach to win is through controlling more Beacons. The number of Beacons vary in different arenas. Smaller maps tend to have 3 Beacons while larger maps might have 4-5.When you control more Beacons than your opponent, the enemy team health takes damage for each additional Beacon in your control.

Beacons also grant team-wide bonuses. Additionally, any powerup spawned on the Beacon is exclusive to the controlling team.

TLDR: I made a map, please give it a try. Leave feedback after you do. Thanks and have fun!

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