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1v1 map

Theme and tile set
Monolith, abandoned Protoss ruins that have recently seen battle. High Ground ruins. Low Ground dusty and dunes.
Doodad use is just enough to spice up the map without going overboard. Purple Toss stuff goes well with the blue sand.
A few doodads are set so units may walk through them. A few critters will watch you battle on the flanks. Texture use makes expos obvious. And if you didn't notice already, there is sand. Lots and lots of sand.

Map overview (sorry, small details can't be seen from space)
The map is huge and I hope that it will give players a lot of interesting choices as to where they should expand and where or when they should have some massive battles. A few areas contain some large objects, perfect for hiding a stealth ambush or blocking melee units from a tank. while other areas are wide open. LOS blockers allow for assaults on expos by worm or drop. Some ramps are creep friendly, others are not.
You also have at least 3 good options for a third base too.

The Middle and right expo
The expos lining the center contain one gas that holds double the standard amount, 5000 gas however the mineral patch count is lower. The yellow center is standard with regular two gas but a bit spaced out. The far right and left are both walled off. In order to back door one must go through a minimum of 4k rocks.

The main, natural, and third.
Wide ramp up to the natural.
The third is open on the side opposite the main and can be expanded to quickly. 4k blocks the way from the natural to this third.
Plenty of room at the main to build or drop.
Some LOS blockers occupy the main for those who think they can pop a worm or a drop.
Two sets of rocks block a wide back door to the area containing another set of rocks blocking.


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